Increase donations to support your cause through the Bower app.

Embracing higher sorting rates can pave the way for your NGO to receive daily donations. It's a step towards a brighter path, where each effort counts in shaping a better tomorrow for your cause.

Easy Peasy Application

As a featured organization on the app, our users have the option to direct their accrued recycling earnings towards supporting your specific cause.

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Time to Submit your Request

To be able to review your request we need some information from you.  Submit your request via this form. 

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Once you've submitted your request, we'll thoroughly assess it and reach out if we find it aligns seamlessly with Bower's values. 

If your request gets the green light, we'll wholeheartedly disburse the donations twice a year without deductions. We eagerly await your response and aspire to inspire our users to rally behind your noble cause.