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Increase packaging recycling rates with consumer rewards and drive sales to your own brand at the same time.

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What is Bower?

A consumer app making recycling a rewarding no-brainer.

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Big or small. We want everyone to join the change.

Whether you're one of the world's top FMCG brands or an emerging challenger, Bower is designed to empower brands of all sizes.

Registered Users

Over half a million users are craving more brands to join and put a value on their packages.

73 million

Recycled Packages

And wow, what a sea of waste that has been led to the recycling bins. 

3 million

Kg Saved Carbon Dioxide 

The world is a better place because of the amazing brands and consumers who have joined the movement.


Bower in a nutshell.

Recycling technology, brand visibility, sales conversions... Bower is all that, and more. 

Good for brands.

Make circularity your competitive advantage and let it drive your sales.


Prefer to buy brands working to reduce littering with Bower.


View connected brands as more sustainable.


Recycle more connected brands packages. 


Scan in the moment of consumption.

Strengthen your brand.

Get seen in a context where environmental impact means something. Our users range from teenagers to seniors and they interact with Bower on a nearly daily basis.

Get to know your consumers.

Get to know your consumers. Bower helps you understand your consumers more deeply so you can find new ways to better cater to their needs and make them happy. 

Get real-time communication.

Interact with your consumers through email, in-app messages or push notifications. Check-in to say hello, or why not ask them what they think about your brand? 

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In collaboration with NPA

Empowering producers and consumers in recycling

Trade Association Packaging Producer Responsibility (Näringslivets Producentansvar) in Sweden assists producers in meeting their packaging recycling responsibilities, promoting a circular economy. The collaboration with us at Bower enhances these efforts by incentivizing consumer recycling, aligning with environmental goals on the national level.

For more information, visit their website. 

NPA x Bower


How would you look in the Bower app?

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Reward your consumers with style
Customize the visuals of your products to align with your branding!
Recycling instructions
Provide additional information on how your consumers should recycle your items.
Drive penetration and loyalty with campaigns
Provide additional rewards to existing and new consumers through cashback, discounts or recycling challenges.
Own your category
Be seen on your competitors’ products through targeting campaigns.
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In order to reach the global sustainability goals and increase recycling, packages need to have a value, something we get now.
Åsa Wickholm profile
Åsa Wickholm

Head of Own Brands at Coop

Bower made us realize how easy it can be to make a change. Easy to implement and fast to make a difference without much effort.
Stefan Fragner
Stefan Fragner

CEO at Skincity

You have created a jewel! We get more valuable data from you than we get from Nielsen.
Lea Paessens profile
Lea Paessens

Head of Marketing at Unilever

In the first year of our partnership with Bower, our consumers recycled more units of packaging than we expected.
Jacob Johansson
Jacob Johansson

Nordic Brand Manager at Nestlé

International expansions

The recycling revolution is on the way.

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We're continuously expanding into new countries. Get in touch to learn more about our upcoming launches. 

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