Frequently Asked Questions

Almost everything you wonder about our app

The following FAQ is adapted to Nordics and UK. If you're outside of these markets, please open the chatbox in the lower right corner and read the articles under "Help". 

Getting started

How do I recycle with Bower?

Depending on how you want to use the app, you can follow the two examples below to understand how to recycle with Bower.

Scanning at home

1. Scan your packages at home and recycle or place all scanned items in the bag you want to transport them in.
2. Find your nearest recycling location or register your own in the app. 
3. Go to the recycling location, open the app and verify that you are close to a recycling bin.
4. Get rewarded with points directly in the app. Additionally, you will see how much carbon dioxide you are saving our planet with your deposit.

Scanning at the recycling Location

1. Find your nearest recycling location or register your own in the app.3.
3. Go to the closest bins, open the app and verify that you are near a recycling location.
3. Scan the barcode on your packaging. Then dispose of all items in the correct container.
4. Get rewarded with points directly in the app. Additionally, you will see how much carbon dioxide you are saving our planet with your deposit.

Recycling locations

I can't scan even though I'm right next to an approved bin. What is the problem?

Please fill in your details in “Contact us”. This will help us investigate why you’re having an issue.

My home is too far from the closest recycling location. Will you add more stations soon?

If you have a recycling location closer to you than those shown on the card in the app, you can easily add it by clicking on "Add your bins" in the scanning view.

I have curb-side recycling. Will I not be able to scan my packages?

No worries, you can! Just add your curb-side recycling to the app by clicking on "Add your bins" in the scanning view.

Where can I deposit?

You can deposit at all approved recycling locations across the country. The majority of all public bins can be found in the map function of the Bower app. Suppose you have a private recycling location (e.g. a community facility next to or in an apartment building) not already listed. In that case, you can easily add it to the app and start recycling there.

The scanning function does not start, even though I am close enough to a bin.

Please contact us using the help function in the Bower app.

My location does not appear on the map.

Check that you have allowed Bower to access your location information in your phone settings. If that doesn't resolve the issue, please contact Bowers customer service.

Scanning items

Which item can I scan?

All products with a barcode can be scanned. No matter if it's a ketchup bottle, juice container, bread bag, caviar tube, soap packet, egg carton... you name it, everything with a barcode!

How do I know if the package is eligible for deposit?
If the package has a clear barcode, it is eligible for deposit. 
Do I need to pay a deposit for the packaging now?

No, the price of the goods you deposit is the same as usual.

Can I only deposit plastic packaging?

Nope, you can deposit consumer packaging made of all types of materials (with a barcode). For example, soft plastic bread bags, paper and hard plastic juice cartons, metal caviar tubes and metal cans of tomato sauce.

Why is there a limit on scanning the same type of package on the same day?

If you have two or more packages of the same product, you only get points for one item. This limitation exists because packages of the same product have identical barcodes. Therefore our scanner cannot detect if you have multiple packages or scan the same package multiple times. 
If you want to get points for all packs of the same product, you will need to wait one day to scan the next. The amount of carbon emissions you save, however, is tracked for all scanned items - with or without points.

Personal data

Why do I need a Swedish, British, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish phone number in order to access coupons?

It's a requirement from our third-party supplier of coupons, ClearOn.

How do I add my bank account via Trustly?
1. Shop > withdraw money (Trustly logo)
2. Identify yourself with BankID and choose your bank.
3. Done!
Trustly is implemented to make it easier for you and safer for us. Trustly is a licensed payment institution that is authorised and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. You do not need to register with Trustly to use the service and we never store any information that can be used to access your bank account.
What kind of data do you save about me as a user?

Please have a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for all information about that topic. 


What do I earn from depositing with Bower?

The first thing you need to do is register an account. 

As a Bowie (that's what we call our beloved app users) you can exchange the Bower points for cash and transfer them to your bank account, donate them to charity or use them for vouchers in our app marketplace.

You can donate your money to several organisations, covering the development and well-being of people, animals and nature.