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The future of becoming a sustainable brand

Brands are subject to producer responsibility and have to take ownership of what is distributed. But who is actually held accountable for increased recycling, the producer or the consumer? Huge sums get invested for making packaging recyclable - unfortunately, that makes no difference if this packaging doesn't get collected. Tune in for a discussion of possible approaches to this issue.

In this webinar you'll get:

To learn all about the Bower app

  • How does Bowers technology work?
  • And how can you use it for a cleaner future?

The best tips on how you can strengthen your brand with the help of Bowers consumer recycling insights 

 Insight into Coop's and IsaDora's prioritizing regarding sustainability and branding


Coop - Charlotta Szczepanowski - Chief Sustainability Officer

IsaDora - Amanda Berg - Communication & PR Manager

Bower - Suwar Mert - CEO & Co-Founder