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Building the future circular brand with FTI

Why should your brand care about recycling and how does it all matter to build a future circular economy for packaging? Reaching a circular economy goes beyond making packaging recyclable. If consumers don’t sort the trash there is no circular economy.

In this webinar you'll learn:

All about recyclable packaging 

  • Fossil-free packaging or recyclable packaging?
  • What do visionary brands do?

Why consumer packaging really matters

  • Including the newest insights on consumer recycling habits from the 2021 Recycling Barometer

How to encourage consumer recycling through the Bower app

  • The role of Rewards in consumer recycling 

To understand the recycling journey 

  • What happens to our packaging after collection 


FTI - Anette Löhnn - Marketing Director

Bower - Suwar Mert - CEO & Co-Founder

Bower - Louise Nygaard Rønne - Head of Business Development