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51 Orkla Sweden brands are making sorting & recycling a rewarding no-brainer.

What would it mean for your brands to involve the consumers in your sustainability journey? Quite a lot if you are asking OLW, Göteborgs Kex, Felix, Kalles Kaviar, Grumme and Jordan who are among 51 brands from the Orkla companies in Sweden, teaming up with Bower's sorting and recycling app.


Partner Traction


Connected brands from the Orkla companies in Sweden.


Of Orkla Sweden consumers sort & recycle more after using Bower.


Of consumers prefer to buy brands working to reduce packaging waste with Bower.

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ABOUT orkla

Orkla isn't just any FMCG company – they're leading the charge in brands and consumer-oriented businesses.

With a portfolio of 12 companies, Orkla is taking responsibility for global health and environmental issues. They're tackling these challenges head-on by developing healthier food products, reducing food waste and greenhouse gas emissions, creating circular products, and promoting responsible business practices. Orkla is proving that big companies can make a big impact and be a force for good.

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Orkla Circular Business Case

Picture this: a world where sorting and recycling is as exciting as a treasure hunt, and everyone is a hero saving the planet, one package at a time. Orkla companies in Sweden, FMCG-champions of sustainable practices, joined forces with Bower to create an engaging and rewarding recycling experience for their consumers. This case study dives into the impactful journey of the partnership expansion, showcasing how they turned recycling into a game that everyone wants to play.


Orkla companies Sweden has long been committed to sustainability, focusing on reducing environmental impact and promoting responsible consumption. In pursuit of these goals, Orkla companies in Sweden sought to address the growing concern of packaging waste and its proper disposal. Bower, known for its user-friendly recycling app, was the perfect partner to help Orkla achieve its objectives. Bower's app incentivizes recycling by allowing users to scan and recycle product packaging for rewards.


The primary objectives of the collaboration are:

  1. To educate and reward consumers on circular practices.
  2. To increase sorting & recycling rates of brand packages from Orkla companies in Sweden.
  3. To enhance the brands image of brands from Orkla companies in Sweden. Positioning them as leaders in sustainability.
  4. To drive loyalty by engaging consumer between purchases.
strategy and implementation

The collaboration between Orkla Sweden and Bower involved four key elements:

  1. App Integration:
    • Adding rewards and sorting instructions to existing packaging barcodes, which consumers scan with the app.

  2. Co-branding:
    • Inviting consumers to the platform by raising awareness about the partnership. This included TV-commercials, social media promotions, in-store displays, and PR to demonstrate how easy and rewarding sorting and recycling can be.

  3. In-app activations:
    • Consumers are offered various incentives, such as discounts on future brand products, donations to environmental charities, and competitions to motivate consumers to participate in the recycling program.

  4. Data & Consumer Insights:
    • Brand owners can follow recycling performance, market development and campaign performance via the Bower dashboard.

The collaboration between Orkla companies in Sweden and Bower is yielding significant positive outcomes:

  1. Increased Recycling Rates:
    • 48% of consumers sort & recycle more after using Bower.*
    • OLW achieved 17% increase in correct sorted packages within 3 months from launching the initiative.**
    • Grumme’s volumes of scanned packages is growing 47% Year over Year***
    • Every onboarded consumer sort & recycle on average 102 packages per month with Bowers app.**

  2. Consumer Engagement:
    • Brands from Orkla companies in Sweden have successfully onboarded thousands of consumers to their individual Recycling & Loyalty programmes since launch:
      • Felix: 79,000 fans
      • OLW: 63,000 fans
      • Göteborgs Kex: 43,000 fans
      • Grumme: 35,000 fans
      • Risifrutti: 19,000 fans
      • Jordan: 13,000 fans

  3. Enhanced Brand Image:
    • The Orkla companies in Sweden's commitment to sustainability was widely recognised, resulting in positive media coverage and increased consumer loyalty.
    • 75% of consumers prefer to buy brands working to reduce packaging waste with Bower.*
    • Bowers Consumer Surveys show that 45% view Orkla Sweden brands brand as more sustainable and 57% increased consumer trust in the brand’s sustainability promises.*
  4. Environmental Impact:
    • The initiative has saved millions of packages and approximately 105 000 kilos of saved C02 from incineration contributing to Sweden's recycling targets and reducing the overall environmental footprint.
Lessons learned

The success of the Orkla companies in Sweden and Bower collaboration provides valuable insights:

  1. Partnerships Enhance Impact:
    • Brands, consumers and planet all benefit from the partnership proving a scalable circular business case.

  2. Incentives Drive Behavior Change:
    • Offering rewards for correct sorting and recycling is needed to change behaviours for the vast majority of consumers.
    • Consumers love to sort and recycle using this technology. App store and Google Play ratings are +4.7/5.0

  3. Education is Key:
    • Consumers need better guidance and education to increase sorting and recycling rates where technology amplify the reach and effectiveness of sustainability initiatives.

  4. Continuous Engagement:
    • Maintaining ongoing communication and engagement with consumers is essential for sustaining the success of the initiatives. Brands which activate more have better results (fans, scans, saved C02, redeemed coupons, awareness etc.)

*Bower Consumer Brand Survey 2023-2024
**Bower Dashboard 2024-05-21
***Bower Dashboard 2023-2024

Visual Project Highlights: Orkla Sweden x Bower
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Orkla Sweden PR
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Orkla Care Sweden - Pharbio TV-commercial
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