Become a co-owner in Bower.

Invest from as little as 20 euro and join us in shaping the future of recycling.

Pre-register to get priority to invest and get ready by creating a Seedrs account. Read more by clicking on the button above. 

Investing involves risk, including loss of capital. Please read the risk warnings to learn more.


Explosive growth


Since our launch in 2019, we have grown to over 600,000 users in the Nordics and the UK. Together, you have scanned over 100 million packages and saved more than 7 million kg of CO2. We've got over 500 brand subscriptions connected to Bower, and see a growing interest from businesses to take responsibility and reward proper recycling.

Global ambition


We have big plans to launch globally soon. Your investment will help us reach more countries and continue developing our app for even greater impact.

Sustainable future


By investing in Bower, you are helping to create a global movement for a world free from trash. Your investment contributes to positive environmental and social impact globally.

5 reasons to invest in Bower

Bower now offers you the opportunity to become a shareholder through our crowdfunding campaign. Here are a few reasons why it's a great idea:

1. Green investment with significant impact.

Every investment helps us reduce litter and CO₂ emissions. Our community has already saved over 7 million kg of CO₂ by collectively recycling over 100 million packages.

2. Award-winning company.

Bower has been recognised by none other than Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as one of Europe’s top sustainability apps tackling climate change. has chosen to invest in us, and we've won several major awards, including the Edie Awards 2024 and Global Startup Awards 2023.

3. Cutting-edge innovation.

Our app utilises the latest technology in AI and image recognition through machine learning to make the impossible possible – recycling absolutely everything. From litter in the forest to plastic in the oceans and milk cartons at home.

4. Plans for global expansion.

Bower has grown to over 600,000 users in the Nordics and the UK. With your help, we plan to launch our digital deposit solution globally, allowing our community and positive impact to grow.

5. Strong results and established partners.

Our business model is scalable and supported by hundreds of brands across five markets, including international brands like Nespresso, Wella, and Gillette.



Registered users

Over half a million users are craving more brands to join and put a value on their packages.

100 mill


Recycled packages

And wow, what a sea of waste that has been led to the recycling bins. 

7 mill


Saved CO₂ (in kg)

The world is a better place because of our amazing champions.

Award-winning innovation turning trash to treasure.

Backed by Industry Giants


70% of packaging must be recycled by 2030, but less than 10% is sorted correctly. Thanks to partnerships with some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, Bower is ready to dramatically change these numbers globally. 

Tim Cook


Recognised by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook as one of Northern Europe's top sustainability mobile apps.

Powerful Data


Millions of packages are scanned with Bower, fuelling powerful community-driven data to boost recycling efficiency and deliver targeted marketing with significant ROI.

Here's how it works.


1. Pre-register on Seedrs

Express your interest to invest by tapping the button below. See our full step by step guide here


2. Get notified

When the crowdfunding campaign is open for investing we will update you through the email address you've entered for your Seedrs account. 


3. Invest

All the necessary details on how you can invest will be shared in the upcoming weeks. You'll be able to invest from as little as 20 euros and up to as much as you feel like it. 


4. Done

That's it! Welcome as a fellow co-owner of Bower - and congrats to us all!

Recycle Together 3
“It's a no-brainer! Absolutely love it!”
United Kingdom
“Makes sorting so much more fun!”
Liselotte Andersson
“Great app and concept! I recommend it to everyone.”
Mirva Verho

Award-winning start-up.

  • Edie Awards 2024: Engagement & Behaviour Change Initiative of the Year
  • Global Winners of People's Choice in Global Startup Awards 2023
  • Nordic Winners of People's Choice in Global Startup Awards 2022
  • Winners of Norrsken People’s Choice Award 2019
  • Winners of Carnegie’s prize Future Entrepreneurs 2019
  • Winners of PwC’s prize Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018
  • Winners of Nordea’s Largest Impact Within 5 Years

Frequently Asked Questions


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows individuals to invest smaller amounts in a company, becoming part-owners by buying shares. It’s a way to support businesses you believe in and potentially earn returns on your investment.

Does pre-registration commit me to investing?

No, expressing interest just puts you on the priority list. You’ll be the first to know when the investment period opens, and that’s when you can choose to invest, starting from €20.

At what price am I buying equity in Bower?

When the crowdfunding campaign goes live, you will have the opportunity to invest on the same terms as Tier 1 venture capital investors who are currently shareholders in Bower. These terms and the valuation will be disclosed at that time.

What does it mean to become a co-owner in Bower?

Becoming a co-owner is super cool and not as serious as it might sound. You won't have to do anything as a co-owner, you simply just sit back and relax while you follow Bower's journey. Just as simple as when you buy stocks on the stock market, but these are shares in a privately held company. With our ambition to grow, your investment grows alongside that. However, keep in mind that this is a high risk investment where you potentially can lose all of the invested capital. 

How can I make money on my investment?
  • If Bower is acquired by another business
  • If Bower lists on the public markets, through an Initial Public Offering, ‘IPO’, or direct listing
  • If there's interest on Seedrs' secondary market to buy your shares
  • If Bower turns profitable and chooses to pay dividends to shareholders
Why is Bower crowdfunding?

Bower is crowdfunding to involve the community in its growth and success. This is a unique opportunity to invest in Bower and become part of its global journey. We have global ambitions and want to keep developing our technology further to make recycling everything possible through innovation. In order to do that, we need investments to secure the right resources needed for our continuous success at scale. 

Who can register for the crowdfunding?

Everyone can register for the Bower crowdfunding campaign through Seedrs, as long as you are a resident in the EU or UK. Residents of Switzerland and Norway can also invest through Seedrs. Please note that the minimum investment amount is €20. The first step is to create an account on the Seedrs platform and get investment ready by verifying your identification. 

How does the pre-registration work?

Prerequisites for the pre-registration:
To register for the crowdfunding campaign, you need to have an account with Seedrs.

How to pre-register through Seedrs:

  1. Go to the Seedrs' website or follow the link here to create a profile.

  2. Enter your email address, create a password, and confirm your email address via the link sent by Seedrs.

  3. Fill in your name, date of birth, and country of nationality, ensuring it matches your identification documents.

  4. Fill in your address and confirm your tax residency, providing your tax identification number if applicable.

  5. Choose between the profiles Sophisticated Investor and Non-sophisticated Investor.

  6. Answer five mandatory questions about the risks of investing in startups.

  7. Answer three additional questions to confirm your qualifications and understanding of the risks.

  8. Confirm that you understand and accept the Risk Warnings, then choose Verify me now and be ready to invest.

  9. Confirm your identity with a passport, driver's license, ID card, or residence permit, and upload a video of your face.

  10. Follow Seedrs' guide to upload your identification document using a secure link sent to your smartphone.
Please note: Complete your user profile before the investment round starts to avoid missing the opportunity to invest. Seedrs requires 24 hours to verify your profile.


Please note, that Seedrs requires identification documents such as documentation of your passport or driver's license, in the same manner as if you were opening a stock account on a trading platform.

How to create a profile with Seedrs, ensuring that you can invest in Bower?
  1. Go to the Seedrs' website or follow the link here to create a profile with Seedrs.

  2. Once you have entered your email address and created a password, you need to confirm your email address before you can proceed. You will receive an email from Seedrs with a link to confirm this.

  3. Then you will have to fill in your name, date of birth, and country of nationality. It's important that the name you provide matches your identification documents such as your passport or driver's license.

  4. Then, you need to fill in your address and confirm where you have tax residency. If you do not have tax residency, you should select the option I do not have tax residency.

    You will then need to fill in your tax identification number, ensuring that Seedrs has the necessary information regarding taxation of any investments.

    Unsure about your tax identification number?

    If you are unsure about your tax identification number (TIN), the information can typically be found on official documents such as income tax returns from your country of residence, government-issued identification cards, or correspondence from the respective country's tax authorities.

    For Swedish citizens, it equals your personal identification number (personnummer). You can also contact the tax authorities in your country of residence to get information about your TIN. You can find further information about how to locate your TIN here if you live in and EU/EEA country and here if you live in a non-EU/EEA country.

  5. Afterwards, you will be asked to choose between the profiles Sophisticated Investor and Non-sophisticated Investor. You should choose the one that suits your profile best.

  6. Next, you will be asked to answer five mandatory questions, guaranteeing that Seedrs can ensure you understand the risks of investing in startups. You can read more about the risks here.

  7. Then, you need to answer three questions before proceeding. This is to confirm that you are qualified to invest through Seedrs and that you understand the risks associated with investing in startups.

  8. Once you have answered the three questions, your profile is almost done. You will have to confirm that you understand and accept the Risk Warnings, and then you need to choose Verify me now and be ready to invest, ensuring that your profile is ready when our investment round begins.

  9. To confirm your identity, Seedrs requires an identification document such as a passport, driver's license, ID card, or residence permit, as well as a video of your face to confirm that it is you.

  10. Once you have chosen the type of identification number you want to use, simply follow Seedrs' guide to upload the document. This requires you to have a smartphone available so that you can receive a secure link to upload the document.

Please note: It is important that you complete your user profile if you wish to invest in Bower. If your profile is not completed before the investment round starts, you may miss the opportunity to invest.

Please note that Seedrs' platform requires 24 hours to verify your profile before you can invest through their platform.

What is my Tax Identification Number?

Internationally, a tax identification number (TIN) is used similarly to a personal identification number in Sweden. Seedrs, operating globally, uses the international term. Thus, for Swedish citizens TIN equals the personal identification number. 

If you are unsure about your Tax Identification Number (TIN), you can find it on official documents such as income tax returns, government-issued ID cards, or correspondence from your country’s tax authorities. Contact your local tax authorities for more information.

When can I invest?

Pre-registration for the private round starts on 31st of May. The investment opportunity will open up on the June 25th. Remember, the minimum investment is €20 and you need to have an approved Seedrs account to invest. 

Can I take back my investment?

Once made, investments cannot be taken back. However, the Seedrs Secondary Market allows investors to sell their shares.

Do I need to transfer money to Seedrs before the investment round?

You do not need to transfer money to your Seedrs account before the investment round. You can invest via bank transfer, card payment, or by depositing money into your Seedrs account. Please note that new users need to be verified and investment ready by latest 24 hours before the campaign closes. 

Who are Seedrs?

Seedrs is an established and leading marketplace for investing in high-growth startups and scale-ups, similar to other trading platforms but focused on privately-owned companies. You can read more about Seedrs here.

What are the benefits and risks of crowdfunding?


  • Support businesses you believe in.
  • Potential for significant returns if the business succeeds.
  • Ability to invest small amounts.


  • High risk of losing your investment if the business fails.
  • Less liquidity compared to publicly-traded companies.

Will Bower be IPO'd?

Bower is still privately owned, and the crowdfunding campaign does not mean the company will go public.

Can I sell my Bower stocks?

Selling shares on Seedrs' Secondary Market is possible if the company allows it, but there is no guarantee of finding a buyer.

It is possible to sell shares on the Seedrs Secondary Market, providing liquidity to investors. The secondary market operates on a demand and supply basis, functioning as a smart bulletin board. This means that while investors can list their shares for sale, there is no guarantee that someone will buy them, as Seedrs is not a market maker. 

How do I know if my investment increases or decreases in value?

Seedrs updates the share price according to their Valuation Guide during subsequent funding rounds.

What about the tax rules?

Your stocks will be placed through Seedrs. Tax relief might be available in certain countries when investing in startups. Read more about tax schemes here.

How much money are you planning to raise this round and how will it be used?

The valuation will be set during the pre-registration phase, giving us an indication of the levels and capital we can raise. Investments will support the continued development of our technology, including AI and machine learning features. This includes improving the ability to scan packages without barcodes, which will lead to more items being recycled via our app. Additionally, the funds will be used for global expansion.

If the company performs poorly, can I, as a co-owner, be personally liable?

The main rule in Swedish law, as in most other countries, is that shareholders in a limited company are not personally liable for the company’s debts. The company is a separate legal entity that can own assets, incur debts, enter contracts, and appear in court. Shareholders' risk is limited to what they have paid for the shares, known as share capital. You can read more about personal liability in Sweden here.

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