Big or small. We want everyone to join Bower.

Our pricing model is built on a flexible annual subscription partnership based on packaging volume, number of brands, included features and markets. 

All our plans include our core idea: to reward consumers for recycling your packages. 

Our value proposition adapts to your needs

Benefit from innovative CleanTech

  • Connect your products to Bower's consumer reward scheme

  • Inform & educate consumers on where and how to recycle your products

  • Access to rich consumption data through interactive dashboard

Boost your brand awareness

  • Deploy in-app campaigns to engage green consumers

  • Access to co-branding assets & marketing services

  • Always top of mind with custom messaging every time a package is recycled

Create long-term customer relationships

  • Offer over 500 000 consumers incentives to re-purchase after recycling

  • Access to Bower's marketplace for loyalty offers and discounts

  • Push offers at point of recycling, when the intent to re-purchase is maximal

All plans include:

Quick setup
Saving the planet
Incentivised packages
Consumer rewarding
Customized pricing
Frequently Asked Questions

How? What? Where?

Worry not, below we'll answer (almost) all questions burning on your chest right now. 

What are the technical requirements to be able to start a partnership with Bower?

The only technical requirement for joining the Bower movement is making packages deposable by adding the existing codes to our database. Is your packaging connected to barcodes like GS1? Even better! We can fetch information about your packaging ourselves and be up and running with our partnership in no time.

How does crowdsourcing data about recycling locations work since different countries have different infrastructures?

Every new market entry includes market-specific adjustments. Users are able to register their recycling stations in accordance with existing infrastructure. We are using a proprietary AI solution to get data about recycling locations through our respective user base.

Waste is being burned anyway - so recycling isn’t what’ll change the world, is it?

Only 53% of packages are sorted correctly and 18% are correctly recycled. Packages ending up in the general waste will go to incineration, which is a big part of the problem and the reason why awareness around material types and educating consumers on correct sorting is essential.

Brands can make their packages recyclable but recyclability doesn't equal results. 62% of consumers don't know what material and packaging types are recyclable. 41% of consumers feel that they need further encouragement to recycle.

Furthermore, changing consumer behavior takes time. Even though some countries don't have the right infrastructure, we need to start rewarding the right behavior or the change will take even longer.

Isn't it more of a nice to have than a need to have?

Packaging waste is booming and regulators are pushing consumer brands to find a long-term solution. The new EU packaging waste regulation states 70% of the packaging must be recycled by 2030, forcing consumer brands to make all packaging recyclable, educate consumers on recycling through labeling harmonization and "modern information technology”, …or face the risk of severe penalties (estimated at €2B)* and loss of reputation. We dare to say it’s a need to have - but it’s up to you to decide.

Is the reward worth the effort for consumers in the long run?

We’d like to think so. And the data rules in our favor. That being said, we’re constantly reinventing ourselves in order to keep different user groups satisfied and motivated.

Why should we connect our brand if you add all codes anyway?

Great question! We encourage correct sorting of all packaging, no matter what kind of brand you are. However, brands that are not connected to the solution are not entitled to associate with Bower and are thus not able to leverage any part of the value proposition (such as proving your sustainability efforts towards your customers). Simple.

Our products are not yet recyclable - does it matter?

Even if your brand's packaging is not 100% recyclable, there is still an environmental benefit to it being sorted correctly. Your brand can have an important role in promoting good consumer behaviors and habits.

There are +500.000 users on the Bower app currently - how are you planning on increasing the awareness going forward?

Bower has an awareness strategy in place that in summary focuses on these five initiatives:

  • Being an exclusive partner to waste collectors in our markets (like FTI).
  • Performance marketing activities that drive app downloads.
  • Eco-label on the packaging of collaborating brands (+10% have it today).
  • Engaging connected brands in co-marketing efforts.
  • Growing affiliate marketplace capabilities.
What types of packaging can you affiliate with?

All packaging, no matter the size or material type as long as they’re connected to an EPR scheme. Not yet connected? Not to worry, reach out and we’ll help you master the jungle of laws and regulations within sorting and recycling.

Do you need to add something to the packaging or can you leave the packaging unchanged and still use the Bower solution?

Glad you’re asking! That’s the beauty of the solution - Bower operates upon the existing infrastructure in terms of packaging and collection systems. All you need is barcodes on your packaging (and in some cases, thanks to AI, we can find a solution around that requirement as well).

How do you work with companies whose products have no bar codes and whose packaging is secondary?

We also invented a recycling technology that supports products and packages without barcodes. If you want to learn more about that, please contact us directly.

Packaging should never be a secondary topic for brands as they are responsible for everything that they bring into circulation. To master this responsibility, our technology is a solution for both: the packaging and the product in the packaging.

What would this collaboration mean in terms of resources?

You set the standard. We love to work as close as possible with our partners but for a company with limited manpower and resources, the solution is simply self-going. You're good to go as soon as you’ve provided us with your packaging information. But again, we love a tight collaboration on all verticals tapping into the partnership.

For most of our products we have one package for all Nordic countries, does Bower operate in all four Nordic countries?

We sure do, we’re currently operating in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the UK. Oh and a small pilot project in the US.

How do you prevent cheating with the app?

Through Fraud mitigation & Anti-cheat functions:

  • We have a feature with control scanning of a barcode, which sometimes asks users for verification on-site at the recycling point (this feature only activates on accounts with unusual recycling behavior).
  • GPS Verification: Checks coordinates against our database of recycling and sorting points.
  • Limited cash pay-out: We are continuously developing our rewards to boost recycling rates.
  • The Bower standard is that you can only recycle the same barcode 1 time/day.
What data are you collecting about consumers in the app?

We are collecting the following data if/when the app user agrees to it:

  • E-mail, mobile phone number
  • Amount of recycled packages
  • Completes challenge (number + %)
  • Redeemed coupons
  • Transaction info (Payout and donations)
  • Saved CO2 from the recycling of packages
  • Geolocation
  • Device info such as operating system and language.
  • User app behavior aimed at improving the service
What data are you sharing with connected brands?

All the following data is aggregated however connected brands cannot see data on specific individuals:

  1. Amount of recycled packages
  2. Amount of unique users
  3. Unique users vs. the total amount of users
  4. Completes challenge (number + %)
  5. Saved CO2 from the recycling of packages
  6. List of most recycled packages
  7. Breakdown total scans by gender
How do you calculate CO2 emission numbers?

We are using the framework set up by "Återvinningsindustrierna". See examples on their page.


What type of rewards do the consumers get via the app?/ How much money can consumers earn with Bower?

Breaking it down, the app users can convert their earned Bower points” into 3 different types of rewards:

  • coupons
  • donations
  • money

We recently increased the cap to €20/month which applies to all new users. For all Bowies that joined us before, the limit is at €2/month.

Still something burning on your chest?

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Bower made us realize how easy it can be to make a change. Easy to implement and fast to make a difference without much effort."
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Stefan Fragner

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You have created a jewel! We get more valuable data from you than we get from Nielsen."
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In the first year of our partnership with Bower, our consumers recycled more units of packaging than we expected."
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Jacob Johansson

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