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Abbott: Igniting a 75% growth in FreeStyle recycling rates and building recycling habits

As a new day dawns, every choice echoes with impact. Abbott and Bower's pioneering recycling project exemplifies this, intertwining seamlessly with diabetics' daily lives. The 75% increase in FreeStyle (diabetes management products) recycling rates and over 5 products scanned per user show a transformation in medical disposal practices, rewarding accurate sorting efforts.

Here lies a motivating story of how Abbott, standing at the forefront, is turning recycling into a regular habit for all areas of life. Through rewarding incentives, they are paving the way towards a better future while tackling the important issue of medical waste management.

About Abbott

With a legacy extending over a century, Abbott stands as a cornerstone in the healthcare industry, offering a wide array of diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals, and branded generic medicines. Among their offerings is a category dedicated to diabetes management, FreeStyle product line, providing products that deliver real-time glucose readings directly to smartphones.

Abbott's sustainability ethos doesn't end at product creation but extends to responsible disposal and recycling. Through a pilot project with Bower, Abbott aims to foster correct recycling practices among consumers, marking a significant step towards blending healthcare innovation with environmental stewardship by rewarding their customers for sorting.

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Growing impact by forming recycling habits through rewards.


Total Scans Growth


Unique Users Growth


Average scans per user 

Fusion of Visions

The journey commenced with a shared dream

  • Sustainability: Ensuring every FreeStyle packaging and device finds its way to a responsible end-of-life journey.

  • Customer Insight: Unveiling the recycling behaviors, preferences, and inclinations of Abbott’s consumers.

  • Rewarding Responsibility: A nod and a reward for every correctly sorted item.

  • Brand Communication: Direct communication to end-consumers with educational information on how to responsibly dispose of their diabetics care products. 


The pathway of recycling

The pilot project revolved around recycling the FreeStyle product range, aiming to provide clear recycling instructions for users with diabetes. Abbott kickstarted this journey by integrating a QR code on the Shipping box, Drop note, Delivery note, and their Social media channels. This code unlocked the Bower app, shedding light on this collaboration and the significance of proper waste management for such products.

  • Scan to start: Upon downloading the app, users were nudged to start scanning the barcode on their FreeStyle packaging post-use.

  • Guided Disposal: Followed by the scan, a simple step-by-step instructions emerged to guide users to the right recycling path on where and how to sort their items. 

  • Rewarding Recycle: Once the recycling action was confirmed, users earned points, and could see the direct impact of their choice.

  • Redeem or Donate: The earned points can then be exchanged for discounts, cash, or donated to a meaningful cause.

  • Track the Change: Each scan provides a glimpse of CO2 savings, marking small but impactful steps towards a healthier planet.

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The evolving impact of the pilot project

The project initiated on 13th September has shown remarkable growth, especially when we compare the numbers from August to September. There's a 75% increase in scanned items and a 70% rise in the number of users, highlighting an expanding community of eco-conscious individuals and their sustained engagement:

  • 2190 Recycled Packages: A clear marker of collective responsible actions, mirroring the amplified awareness and participation.

  • 418 Unique Users: A growing community of mindful individuals joining the cause by taking responsibility in their everyday life to foster a better tomorrow.

  • 5.24 Average Scans Per User: A story of continued engagement and the unfolding of impactful recycling habits, underscoring the project's success in fostering a culture of environmental responsibility.

In summary

The pilot project between Abbott and Bower, initiated on 13th September, has quickly gained traction, showcasing a notable rise in both item recycling and user engagement. The endeavor has successfully encouraged responsible recycling practices among FreeStyle product users, mirroring Abbott's commitment to blending healthcare innovation with eco-consciousness. This initiative not only reflects the positive strides towards environmental sustainability but also sets a robust foundation for future collaborations, moving a step closer to a greener and more responsible healthcare landscape.

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